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Patient Feedback

Here are some samples of our patient feedback

"Put me at my ease right away. Friendly, charming and very easy to talk to. Very thorough and explained everything fully. Felt reassured. Pointed me in the right direction as regards footwear which will hopefully help improve my mobility. Could not have been more helpful."

"Very easy to converse with. Everything explained fully and easy to understand. Nothing was too much trouble. Felt very reassured. As a result of the consultation my problem was resolved. Would not hesitate to recommend Mr Molloy."


"A lovely manner, very polite and charming. Easy to understand. Mr Molloy was the first person to take my complaint seriously. The surgery gave me my life back as I am an outdoor person and before the surgery I could not even put my boots on and walking very short distances was extremely painful. There has been a huge difference and I can now walk five to six miles easily and can even wear heels now."


"Found Mr Molloy very easy to get on with (even had a laugh together) and easy to understand. The surgery has made a huge difference to my life in that I can now buy sandals and shoes that fit me and no longer feel self-conscious about my feet or have to buy shoes that are mega wide and I am extremely pleased with the result. I can walk much better now. Found the whole experience brilliant and was very well looked after and it was certainly worth having the surgery."

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