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Overview Here at the north west foot and ankle clinic we provide world class treatment of all foot and ankle conditions. This includes bunions, lesser toe problems, arthritis of the foot and ankle, sporting injuries, tendon problems and fractures. More specific information on each of these conditions can be found by following the side menu. We treat patients from all over the North West as well as patients from throughout the UK. This includes tertiary referral patients (those referred by other orthopaedic surgeons) as well as patients who have had unsuccessful treatment elsewhere. Mr Andrew Molloy offers a full range of surgical procedures. These can range from less complex procedures for common conditions to extensive reconstructive or replacement surgery. Mr Molloy also has a specialist interest in sporting injuries (including the treatment of professional sportspeople), offering both open and arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery as indicated. Minimally invasive surgery for conditions such as bunions and early big toe arthritis is also offered as appropriate. Our approach to treatment of patients is team-based as with the full compliment of treatment modalities success will not be achieved. Our team of physiotherapists, orthotists and podiatrists will provide high quality assistance in your rehabilitation or in non-operative treatment. Mr Molloy also works closely with other local and nationally- based physiotherapists if that is preferable to the patient.

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