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What We Do   We Provide the Most Advanced Foot Ankle Surgery and Treatments in Liverpool   Bunions A bunion is a painful lump on the inside edge of the main big toe joint. The term hallux valgus is derived from Latin and refers to the main big toe bone (metatarsal) pointing inwards (valgus)... Read More         Big Toe Arthritis The big toe is involved in all steps we take. It moves both up (dorsiflexion) and down (plantarflexion). The upwards movement is especially important in toeing off... Read More         Ankle Ligament Injuries Ankle sprains are the most common sporting injury, accounting for up to 40% of these injuries. The ankle is a very stable joint allowing movement in one plane (upwards and downwards)... Read More         Ankle Arthritis The ankle joint is essentially a hinge joint with the ends of the tibia and fibula above and to the sides with the talus bone below. The joint (articular) surfaces are covered with perfectly smooth cartilage... Read More         Flat Feet Flat feet are common in children, usual in adolescents and can be a variant of normal for adults. Flat feet can be split into those that are physiological (mild and a variation of normal) and those which are pathological (those that are causing symptoms... Read More

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